Learning to Use a Wacom Tablet

I now have a Wacom tablet.  It’s one of the things I’ve always wanted.  It was the only thing I wanted for Christmas.  Now, Ill be able to take my art to another level.

First I have to break in the tablet.

With that said, my goal for this week has been learning how to use it.


First Creation

I installed the tablet, along with the 30 day trial of Corel Painter Essentials 5 that came with it.

Corel Painter is a program that has the ability to emulate tradition media.  It has a wide range of selections from pencils, acrylics, airbrushes and digital watercolors.

Instead of starting with a tutorial I dove right into the program on my own.

I clicked on the charcoal brush and started my first digital creation.

elisa original


Everything on this portrait is done on the canvas level.  The center line of the face is still visible and every color choice is displayed on the left.

I had watched videos of artists using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop before  so I knew that digital works are mostly done in layers.  But, I had no idea how to use that function.


End Result

The main difference with the finished sketch is the background and the headpiece.

I took the eraser function and cleaned up the left side.  Then,  I used the airbrush and spayed the background.

I used a base color for the headpiece and used yellow afterwards to give the illusion of lighting.  A dark purple was used as a shadow.

elisa crowned

This is the end result.

Now it’s time to work through a tutorial on the tablet.

The future looks bright.

Are you also new to digital art?  Follow and learn and grow with me.


EhhWintArt introduction

Hi, my name is EhhWint.  I’m a 23 year old, self taught artist based in Philadelphia.

Most of my art is done in either pencil or ink.  As I experiment more with other mediums I’m finding that I also enjoy using watercolor and acrylics.

The Purpose of EhhWintArt blog:

  1. This blog serves as my entrance into the art community
  2. This blog is a place to share my art with others
  3. This blog is a way to find an audience for my art and discover other ways to reach out to them

Feel free to leave any comments or feedback that you have.

Also, if you’d like to contact me send an email to EhhWint@gmail.com


Here’s some art:

I’ll end this post with a few stippling drawing I’ve done.

Stippling is a very fun method to use.  After constructing each drawing with pencil, I use a pen and place dots on the outline.  Then I erase the pencil marks and add any additional detail with the pen.  It’s a very time consuming method but, the results are worth the wait.

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